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Advent House works daily with the economically disenfranchised, assisting with issues that get in the way of selfsufficiency. Your donation, no matter how small, has a big impact on our guests' lives. Working together, we can make a difference.


Performing Poets Parley

A "parley" is a discussion. In this video clip, a father and son talk about their experiences with the Performing Poets project, a part of the Family and Literacy program. In addition to Performing Poets, the Family and Literacy program provides after school tutoring, weekend activities, summer camp opportunities and the GED Academy. Our Family and Literacy programs have a tremendous impact on the families that participate.  You can make an impact, too! Just click the DONATE NOW button and know that you have helped our families in a big way.






Opening Doors

The Advent House Ministries’ GED Academy is a key component of our Family & Literacy Program. The GED Academy is dedicated to assisting adults to achieve something they may have missed out on earlier in life: a high school diploma. A high school diploma is a gateway to a college degree, a better paying job with potential for advancement and more life choices. Through this program, we give hope to those who want to make a better life for themselves through education. VIDEO: Ingham County 55th District Judge Tom Boyd and GED student Drew share their views on what the GED Academy means to them and to the community. 






Performing Poets

Performing Poets is one of the projects used to promote literacy with our weekend families. Children who struggle with reading are encouraged to recite poetry in a group setting, developing their proficiency to the point where they are able to perform in front of an audience. Sometimes their parents join in, resulting in fun and learning for the entire family. Literacy Programs Director Toni Townshend explains the genesis of Performing Poets, how the program works and her hopes for the families taking part. Your generosity and a grant from the Michigan Humanities Council make it possible for us to offer these kinds of programs. Thank You!

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